Saturday, April 05, 2008

It's Good To Be #1

(picture from, webpage)

Yeah it is.

Just ask Google or iTunes or even the 4 teams playing in the Final Four.

None of that computer dyslexia they have for the BCS (which should mean: Bad Computer System) not Bowl Championship Series.

This is the Real Deal!

Among the teams in the hunt is our own SoCal local team from UCLA, maybe you've heard of them, they've been there before. Won like maybe 12 Championships over the years, and looking to return to the Glory they still call: "The Wooden Years".

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the "other" 3: Kansas, North Carolina and Memphis (who plays against UCLA on Saturday at: 3:00 pm).

Because of the magnamitity of CBS, the telecast will be PODCAST over the internet too. It seems the early rounds of March Madness (also podcast) was a Big Hit on cubicles that didn't have a tv handy. Estimates say the "Boss Button", a button that switches from the "games" to an innocuous business-like spreadsheet, was clicked: More than 2.4 million times in the first two rounds.

The Final Four Podcast will be available on,, and even

What did Michael Douglas say in "Wallstreet" ?

Oh yeah: "Greed Is Good."


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