Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bagels and Half-TWiTs

From the Blogger's Desk:

Sitting here in front of my Linux machine, editing this Blog with Gedit. To my left a cup of coffee from my Expresso machine and a big fat Bagel with philly cream cheese.


Half-TWiT notes:
I usually start the week off with an earfull of Leo Laporte's TWiT (This Week in Tech) podcast, which he records on Sunday (late) and I catch Monday morning.

This week was the start of his fourth year of Twitting, and for the occasion he invited the old gang from TechTV. He had John C. Dvorak (, Kevin Rose ( and Patrick Norton (

None of the women from the old TechTV days made it, which included Sumi Das, TechLive's Michaela Pereira (2001-2004) now on KTLA channel 5 Morning Edition, and Erica Hill who is now a News Anchor for CNN.

A few of the other women of TechTV are now part of Revision3 or TWiT.TV other podcasts, just to keep you posted.

Leo, John, Kevin and Patrick were at their usual Cranky-Geekness, and all vented on the Windows bid to acquire Yahoo!.

Big news since even my latest magazine of Linux User & Developer had a lead article of Microsoft & Yahoo: A Window of Opportunity for Open Source?

What is your Take on the Bid/Take-over attempt by Microsoft???

John C. Dvorak Link:
Erica Hill Link:
TWiT (This Week In Tech) Link:
Kevin Rose Link:
(bump up Kevin's numbers...)
Patrick Norton Tekzilla:

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