Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Transistor!

You are 60 years Old Today, Dec.16, 2007.

A tip of the Media Circus Hat to the three physicists (William Shockley, John Bardeen and William Brattain in picture above) who at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, N.J. built the first transistor. The story bounce comes originally from link here:
(I snagged it from News)
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The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA has created a new YouTube channel for videos of their lecture series. Newest is the Dec 10 panel on the 25th Anniversary of the Commodore 64.
Currently there are 23 lectures available and the 7-minute Museum overview.
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"The feed brings us this NYTimes story giving new details on the telecom carriers' cooperation with secret NSA (and other) domestic spying programs. One revelation is that the Drug Enforcement Agency has been running a program since the 1990s to collect the phone records of calls from US citizens to Latin America in order to catch narcotics traffickers. Another revelation is what exactly the NSA asked for in 2001 that Qwest balked at supplying. According to the article, it was access to the company's most localized communications switches, which primarily carry domestic calls."
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"What's that? Who's There?" The female voice whispering in your ear is coming from a speaker system Seven Stories above the street, advertising (Billboard included) the A&E televison series "Paranormal State". The technology comes from Audio Spotlight by Holosonics. Kinda Phillip K. Dick-ish (remember "Minorty Report"?).
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