Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Old FUD's Ugly Head

Microsoft showed it's Ugly FUD Head again this week with an attempt to intimidate Open Source and Linux with allegations of Intelleectual Property Rights violation.

Now remember, I really hate the PC - Apple commercials that the Mac has been rubbing in our windows-faces lately.

Particularly since I remember, not that long ago, Microsoft helped Apple out with some loose change when the Mac seemed on the brink of extinction, again.

That Was nice of Microsoft.

This meaning, that I'm not an Mac or Windows Basher by preference. Only when then continue to "Do Stupid Things". But I guess, old bad habits die Very Hard.

For the uninitiated, the NEW tactics of FUD (Fear,Uncertainty and Doubt) is so interwoven into the fabric of Microsoft that I must refer you the Wikipedia entry on the subject.

This seems to be Microsoft's modus operandi of late, when they feel they're losing mind-share.

These Peckinpah-Matrix slow-motion ambush shots hide the the Facts that if you can't compete technologically (vista), sick the lawyers on them.

FUD can obscure a multitude of innovation shortcomings.

This is not what someone who wants to be remembered as a humanitarian should be doing.

Stop it Bill.

It's not Open Source or Linux's fault it took five (5) years to push Vista out the door.

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