Saturday, April 28, 2007

Belly Up On Fedora Core 6

Yeah, I know it's my fault for not backing up my data. And No the FC6 OS is Not completely gone. I still have Console access.

But timing couldn't be worse, after a hard week of fighting a MacNasty Cold (pun intended) and the Lakers almost being blown out of the First Round in the Playoffs against the Suns.

Thank goodness for stuff being available ONLINE. (I'll have blog about THAT as soon as I Feel Better)

I found out that a good part of my computing environment is Network centric, and that, I afraid can be done from anywhere...

Even ON my shiny new ACER that may have bad Sony batteries.

Yep, that"s the way the week has been.

(Hey, that might be a good title for Leo Laporte's TWiT's, That Was The Way The Week Was TWTWTWW....I must be really sick...sorry.)

In between coughs and sneezes, I Post.

Done on the new shiny ACER (which is working just fine).

Wingman out.


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