Monday, May 21, 2007

A handful of Heroes against Jack Bauer...

2007, the year when comic book heroes was King. The Big Screen is Boasting it's Best Summer EVER with back-to-back boxoffice megahits for Spiderman 3, Shrek, the Third, and the upcoming Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Carribean's THIRD installment.

Well, the Little screen has it's Heroes Too.

Two of which go head-to-head in season finales tonight.

Agent Jack Bauer gets sent off into summer hiatus with a two-hour cliff-hanger to end its award-winning sixth season tonight starting at 8:00 on Fox channel 11.

On NBC, channel 4, Heroes ends part 2 of it's first year with Sylar's explosion destroying half of New York, and band of fledgling heroes trying to stop it.

How to stop and exploding man on IMDB:

The Hit series on NBC is set to spin-off a sequel about the histories of individual heroes next fall.

Comic books are alive and well on the big screen and the small.

Tune In to the FUN...

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