Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Light Reading and CES Musings:

A common complaint about CES and MacWorld Shows is that they have a lot of stuff that is Not-Quite-Ready YET, or will never see the LIGHT-Of-Day. But that goes with MOST Shows anyway...It's a given.

The Sharp 108-inch LCD HDTV is real by the way. An unnamed basketball player has put in an order for one and the mechanical device to LOWER it from the ceiling..

This year, the Buzz from the keynotes came from Steve Jobs at MacWorld and the gaga over "iphone" (maybe I can't use that name?) IPHONE. I just listen to count how many times Steve uses the hackneed phrase: "Order of a magnatude..." to describe new stuff.

On the other, side of the coin...The Fatter part, CES, where Bill Gates gave his keynote address that most pundits tune-off. Bill still hasn't learn how to SELL hackneed phrases.

The big question was: "Will this be Bill's LAST-KEYNOTE before retiring?"

For those with a historical bent, most videos of the keynotes are available online. Even the classic Apple commercial called "1984" which introduced the First MAC is online.

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