Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Code Searchers:

According to LJ (Linux Journal): "In Journalism, three examples create a TREND and in Business Schools, professors teach that three competitors create a market category. These two tropes now apply to CODE SEARCH..."

Google, the number 1 search engine has spun off a searcher just for Coders (Hackers), called Code Search.

But Google isn't the first search to Kater to Koders (yeah, I'm going to replace a lot of C's for K's here...:).

THIS market category was started three years ago by .

Sometime later, Krugle joined in with their Code Searcher, called (don't ask me why).

The big deal about Google jumping on the bandwagon is that it draws attention to a category of search that we might not know about.

These wonderful programs we run by clicking a button or icon, don't come out of thin air.
Real hackers, sometimes working on their own in the wee hours, create this magic.

And I for one think, that helping them with these Code Search Engines, is a REAL GOOD IDEA.

wingman out.

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