Saturday, February 25, 2006

One Long WEEK

Since last saturday i"ve been really out of sorts. Aches and pains at night, trouble sleeping and unable to sit or lie down comfortablly. I couldn't think, pay attention, concentrate. I felt I was going to crack-up. I've never felt so alone on an island of discomfort.
You take health (whatever level) for granted. You assume things are going to stay the way they are and then something knocks you on your can and you start to see the BIG picture. You're only a human machine and sometimes that machine breasks down.
Easy to talk about in hindsight, but inside that little corner of pain all you see is obstacles. You should have paid more atttention on how that wonderful machine called the human body was functioning. You should have done a lot of things to keep fit. But it's easy to be complacent when good times are here.
I had a whole week and I didn't FEEL like reading or writing or working on the computer (My whole intellectual world gone, bam).
Some lessons are learned the hard way.

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