Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A New Enterprise, a New Medium

How long is a 5 year mission anyway? Your guess is as good as mine. Trek fans have resuscitated the Star Trek Enterprise again, this time on the WEB. The demise of Enterprise last season seemed like the end of a very popular series.

But wait, there are still legions of fans out
THERE in Cyberspace that just won't let a good thing go away.

Welcome to the New Adventures of Star Trek. A brand new younger crew of Bones, Spock and Kirk and others fly the Enterprise on the WEB. A couple of episodes are posted Free-to-Download and view in WMV (Windows Media Video Format). A simple conversion to mpeg (most burn software, like Nero can do it) will let you burn the conversion to DVD to view on TV just like the OLD days.

Hats off to a very clever use of Webcasting.

(Subnote News for Trekkies: Patrick Stewart (Picard) has said "yes" to Star Trek 10)

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