Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Blog Times

(These are a few of my Favorite Things)

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Court Side with a Hot-Peppered FLEA.

A blatant Laker Fan writing a Blog for Good court-side perspective with a jazzy edge.

Wil Wheaton, a.k.a. as Ensign Crusher, is STILL Treking New Worlds and Civilizations.

Trek Fans pushed "the KID" off Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The Kid grew up, (He discovered he was no longer the center of the universe, a tough job for a celebrity and most of US). He's also a BIG LA Dodger Fan (like Freddie).

Yet he managed to landed firmly on his feet with a Blog that struck a strong enough cord to land him a Nice Book Deal.


The DOOMed Man From ID: John Carramack.

I began reading the programming WHIZ when he was writing a Pre-Blog TO-DO journal about programming and DEBUGGING Doom, and Quake. What he has to say about programming Games is still Must-Read.


The MS Show Of Shows: Channel 9, on a Video Podcast near you.

Very Candid Camera at Microsoft.

The MSDN-Slanted Tech Topics in WMV format Video (Called Video PodCasts). Still very interesting.

Surfing fo Answers?

There are Lots of New WAYS of Presenting INFORMATION on the WEB.

10X10 100 pictures arranged in Order of occurance in daily newsfeeds.


Daily Rotation. 300+ Tech News Headlines arranged in order of YOUR SETUP on
One Web Page.


RSSOWL My favorite RSS (Real Simple Syndication) Reader.

It works in Windows and Apple and Linux.


Wikipedia. The Web Encyclopedia that is teaching Britannica a Thing Or Two about
community Authorship.


REFDESK. A Family-Friendly Reference Desk that the tames spinning windmills of our Times
for the Don Quixote in all of us.


A New Band of Brothers (Luaplayer programmers) .

These guys working hard on Homebrewing the Playstation Portable (PSP), and just won Best

Developer's Award from IGN.COM for 2005 for their Efforts.

Yashimaru, my son's Avatar, is One of these clever programmers.

And a quick jump to MY Other BLOGs and Natterings:

ELO's Mass Media Course Correction About Linux, Mass Media and the WEB

Written by ELO About My Writing IDEAS

Media Citcus 2 Revival of Media Circus Webpage

One of the many New BLOG Search engines is Technorati.

Want your OWN Blog? Visit BLOGGER.COM (It's how I did it!).

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