Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Gig is Up....Really UP!

I remember, in the distant past, buying a 5 gig hard drive and paying $210.00 for it. And I thought I was in storage-hog heaven.

Today, my Son uses a 2 gig memory stick for his PSP and is longing for the recently announced 8 gig stick by Sony.

Looking at the current ad in the Fry's electronics, my jaw dropped. On sale was a 500 gigabite Seagate drive for $259.99. That means that for less than $600.00, a HOME computer can have a TERABYTE of drive space.

Yes, the gig is UP!

Even my three year old digital camera, which currently has a 128 meg SD chip (on board memory is 8 meg), can get into the gig leagues for $49.99 (twice the price of my 128 meg).

This kind of thing is always happenning in computers, but it still is pretty amazing.

Wait until Next Week, after the CES Show in Vegas....

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