Thursday, July 24, 2014

MC2 Post 1886 Canvas fingerprinting and Evercookies

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

You may have been hearing about it since yesterday: the new way of profiling your computer (and, with enough other data, you) without leaving either traditional 
cookies or flash cookies on your system.

Those cookies you can get rid of.   The new “evercookie” you can’t even see — although your own system created it on orders from a site or sites you visited.


The underlying technique is “canvas fingerprinting.” Here’s some not-too-geeky info on how it works.




Blender Tutorial - Powerful Curve Control 

with Hooks

Sci Fi Animator

In this tutorial for beginning Blender users, we look at a great way to get your curve-based objects prepared so you can animate them. Blender 2.65.

I posted about Sci Fi Animator as an add-on to my late Blog, but I didn't have alot to sayabout it  SFA has just become my second best favorite Video Blender Tutorial Guy.

I guess the part I like the best is the casual way he presents the Lessons.  Reminds me ofKhan, from Khan Academy.  The Lessons are bite size,  gets thru the steps nice and quick. You can really Learn stuff from this Blender Guru.

 A++ on this Guy.









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