Sunday, January 26, 2014

MC2 Post 1794 Sometimes you just have to send a brick by mail in Utah -- see Historical notes


US Postage raised to 49 cents on Monday.

 Historical notes

Domestic Parcel Post service was adopted in 1913,  25 years after the Post Office had agreed to

deliver international parcel post packages pursuant to the Universal Postal Union treaty and

various bilateral agreements with other nations. 


Initially, there were   no or few postal regulations 

governing packages mailed by parcel post. 

To construct a bank in Vernal, Utah, in  1916,   a Salt Lake City Company ascertained 

that the cheapest way to send 40 tons of  bricks to the building was by parcel post. 

Each brick was individually wrapped and mailed. 

Postal rules  were promptly rewritten.

Bulk postal rates were restructured in 1996:






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