Saturday, January 18, 2014

MC2 Post 1786 What Windows 9 Must Do To Avoid Flopping Like Windows 8


Windows 8 is a flop. It is a painful thing to say about one of the most ambitious operating systems ever released, but the stats don’t lie. It has taken half the OS market share Windows 7 did in its first 12 months (10% vs. 20%) and now the adoption rate is so slow it is barely gaining on its 4 ½ year old predecessor. Finally Microsoft has had enough.

This week leaks flooded out that Windows 9 
will be formally announced at Build, Microsoft’s annual 
developer event in April.

No more split personality

Remember most people still use a keyboard and mouse

Learn to scale

(above Windows 8 on a 3200 x 1800 pixel display)

Cold corners

‘Hot Corners’ were introduced in Windows 8 to bring some of the touch navigation gestures to keyboards and mice, but they are horrible. 


Touch gesture shortcuts end up accidentally manipulating windows (image right – cursor over the close window option brings up the ‘Charms Bar’). 

Play nice with others

Better Windows Phone/Xbox integration

9th Life

While it has not met commercial expectations, the good news for Microsoft is

Windows 8 has already done much of the heavy lifting for Windows 9. It is fast,

efficient, stable and has excellent inbuilt security. With this foundation the list above

feels far from wishful thinking and Microsoft should be looking to implement them

all and much more.





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