Thursday, August 08, 2013

MC2 Post 1664 When a Confused Xerox Copier rewrites Scanned Documents

We all assume a scanned page of  numbers, 

say like the dimensions of  a room from 
a set of construction plans is Spot On,  Right?

Think again.


Expert Finds

Xerox multifunction machine Machines similar to this model were swapping around  numbers, David Kriesel discovered Scans made by some Xerox copiers are changing numbers on documents, a German computer scientist has discovered.

David Kriesel found that scans he made of construction plans had altered room dimensions.

Other users have replicated the problem, which has been blamed on faults with compression software used in a setting offered by the models.

The Case of the Shrinking Office.

Machines similar to this model were swapping around numbers, David Kriesel discovered.

In his tests, Mr Kriesel found that often the number "6" would be turned into an 

"8", and vice versa, with other numbers being affected too.

One room on his reproduced plans had its dimensions shrunk 

from 21.11m to 14.13m.



Xerox To Issue Patch For Faulty Printer Scans

 On August 8, 2013 by Tom Jowitt 

Printer and copier giant Xerox has confirmed it will issue a software patch to remedy an unusual fault discovered with its multifunction printer or MFP (an office machine that incorporates a printer, scanner, and photocopier).

Earlier this week, a German computer scientist by the name of David Kriesel highlighted a problem with some of Xerox’s Workcentre MFPs. Essentially, the problem occurs with the scanner, as it can randomly alter (or switch) written numbers in any pages that are scanned.

Fatal Error?

The issue could prove to be very problematic indeed, as it might cause  invoices to be sent out with incorrect financial numbers or account information.







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