Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MC2 Post 1429 Two Top Executives Leaving Apple

They were shown the door without the aide of  "Google Maps". 



Retail head John Browett was the CEO of British electronics chain Dixons before joining Apple.

The stores will report to CEO Tim Cook while the company looks for a replacement, Apple says. Apple says the head of its store operations is leaving after just six months on the job.

In addition, the long-serving head of its iPhone 
software development operations is also exiting.

And Scott Forstall was senior vice president of iOS software and joined Apple in 1997 with its purchase of Steve Jobs' NeXT startup.

The company credits him as one of the original architects of Mac OS X.


He may have had something to do with the Google Maps fiasco.


Which prompted my latest Yaller Dawg Toon that I posted on Google+.


Yaller Dawg cartoon by Lopez.


Craig Federighi, who is now in charge of the Mac OS, 
will add iOS to his responsibilities, Apple says.






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