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MC2 Post 1420 Writing About the 555 Timer IC -- TCM -- and The Past Is Prologue

The Two phrases I revisit again and again, 
in this Blog 
and in other places...

It's the 555 Timer IC, remembered from my Radio Shack days in the 80's.
And Of course my Tempestuous Liking of the Phrase:  
The Past IS Prologue.  

Any writer that cares anything about science fiction must have it fused somewhere in his anatomy.  I guess that's why the Star Trek movie about the Best of Times and the Worst of Times seems 
so sadly appropriate today.



Hans Camenzind, 555 timer inventor, dies

From: › News and Analysis

Aug 15, 2012 – In 1971 he joined the ranks of entrepreneurs by founding InterDesign, a company specializing in semi-custom integrated circuit design.

555 Timer Circuits and Projects - Circuits Today

 – The timer circuit is used to trigger the counter IC, which in turn ... 
of the spark plug of an automobile or to monitor the 

heart beat of a sick patient.


Who could see a Humphrey Bogart Movie and think of Alan Alda's Hawkeye?

If You ever catch Battle Circus (on TCM), you'll know what I mean.  

It's MASH, before there was M*A*S*H. 

And really a pretty good romantic comedy in a theater of War.

Battle Circus     -(1953)  Humphrey Bogart

M*A*S*H    (1972–1983)   Alan Alda is "Hawkeye"


What's past is prologue


English: Future (1935, Robert Aitken) located on the northeast corner of the
National Archives Building in Washington, D.C.
Contemporary meaning

"What is past is prologue", inscribed on Future 

(1935, Robert Aitken) 
located on the northeast corner of the

National Archives Building in Washington, D.C.

The phrase means that history influences, 
and sets the context for, the present.

Historical meaning

Although the phrase is now commonly used to mean what's stated above, 

as the phrase was originally used in The Tempest, Act 2, Scene I, it means that all that has happened before that time, the "past," has led Antonio and Sebastian to this opportunity to do what they are about to do, commit murder. In the context of the preceding and next lines, "(And by that destiny) to perform an act, Whereof what's past is prologue; what to come, In yours and my discharge" Antonio is in essence rationalizing to Sebastian, and the audience, that he and Sebastian are fated to act by all that has led up to that moment, the past has set the stage for their next act, as a prologue does in a play. Therefore, this phrase might be better used in situations where people are attempting to rationalize wicked acts based on the past. It can also be taken to mean that everything up until now has merely set the stage for Antonio and Sebastian to make their own destinies; in this context it does not indicate that their future acts are fated, but rather that everything up to that point was 
merely like a prologue, not the important story.


Prefer GNOME Shell? Download 
Ubuntu GNOME Remix 12.10

As you would expect, Ubuntu GNOME Remix 12.10 tries to offer most of the GNOME 3.6 applications: Web (Epiphany) 3.6, Evolution 3.6, Gedit 3.6, etc. But there are some packages which aren't updated to version 3.6: Aisleriot, Nautilus, System Settings, and Totem. That's because Ubuntu itself uses older versions of these apps, so Ubuntu GNOME Remix is stuck with them as well. But you can update Nautilus or Totem to version 3.6 by using the GNOME3 Team PPA.







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