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MC2 Post 1306 What's Inside Google I/O


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The map pin marks the spot for developers this week outside Moscone West in San Francisco, where Google is preparing to host thousands of developers at the annual Google I/O developer's conference.

According to Google, it took 90 days to sell out I/O 2009, 50 days to sell out I/O 2010, and 59 minutes to sell out I/O in 2011. This year? Google I/O 2012 sold out in just more than 20 minutes.

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Live Blog Coverage at:

 CNET will be live blogging the keynote, starting at 9:30 a.m. PT   Wednesday. 

Join us here.


And Live VIDEO podcast at TWIT.TV at around 9:00 am Wednesday.



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Google Tablet Set to Limbo in at Low $199 Entry Point

The Google Nexus tablet will be co-branded with Asus. More importantly, 

it will be inexpensive at $199.

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Apple Wants to Build Cloud Data Center Near Reno

Apple is looking to set up shop in the Biggest Little City in the World, with 

local and state government footing the bill for a possible 

$89 million in tax breaks, according to the Reno Gazette Journal. 

Apple's data center in Maiden, N.C.
(Credit: Apple)

Apple is planning to open a data center in northern Nevada as part of the company's plan to spend $1 billion in northern Nevada over the next 10 years, according to the Reno Gazette Journal.

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How to Power Four Simultaneous Screens with 
the Retina MacBook Pro

With dual DisplayPort and HDMI, the MacBook Pro with Retina Display has a surprising number
of video connections.

The new MacBook Pro with Retina display has many noteworthy features, from a unique 2,880x1,800-pixel screen to new Nvidia graphics to large SSD storage options. But, the most surprising may be the multiple video outputs -- something not seen on a MacBook before now.

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