Wednesday, April 04, 2012

MC2 Post 1236 8 Top Chrome Productivity Extensions

To Stop Wasting TIME. 

Chrome productivity extensions to help you work efficiently and spend more time doing things you enjoy.


Nanny for Chrome enables you to block certain URLS at certain times of the day. As well as specific websites, you can also enter expressions to block websites containing certain individual words. By adding domains to
the whitelisted websites, you can still access them, but Nanny will track how much time you spend there.

Stay Focused is similar to Nanny for Chrome, except it enables you to limit how long you spend on certainwebsites. For example, if you want a half hour Facebook break, you can set the Stay Focused timer to 30 minutes, after which Stay Focused will block the site for the rest of the day, and you will be forced to return to work.

Other Productivity Extensions are:

Strict Pomodoro
Write Space
Session Buddy
Split Screen
Time Tracker

Rescue Time Chrome Productivity Meter

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