Wednesday, September 21, 2011

MC2 Post 1142 Google Opens Up the Flagging Google Plus flood-gates.

Google Opens Up Google+ to the Masses

With the Slowing of Google+ beta-testers Posts Lately and the Upcoming "Buzz" about FaceBook's F8 Conference on Thursday, This was probably a good time to Show the Tech World: "So What has Google been Doing Lately?"

Having been Testing Google+ for serveral months now, I still haven't come to terms about how viable a "social-environment" it really is.  It has potential. but then so does a rock on the top of a hill.

It needs direction, and that it still seems to be looking valiantly for.


A Few Google Plusers I Follow. 
Most are Techy-Types (filched from Leo Laporte).


James Spann: Weatherman, One of 21+ weathermen and Storm Trackers I was pointed to by Scoble during the East Coast Hurricane Problems.

Sept. 21 Weather Xtreme Video Morning Edition



Patrick Beja: If You want brush up on your French while reading the Tech News.

Un grand merci à +Pascal Mabille qui m'a fait un joli Instagram pour mon anniversaire (et qui me qualifie généreusement de "French Voice Of Tech". :)

pascalmabille's photo
pascalmabille's photo on Instagram

I going to have to pre-write my posts in WordPad and Not trusty-old-reliable Notepad. WordPad with RTF 
(Rich Text Format)

let's you include images which does come in handy at times.  The Included image was post with Instagram which has been
updated to handle higher resolution images, 
among other things.


Robert Scoble: One of the Posting Phenoms of Google +

He's also a start-up investor but friendly.

He also likes Photography, as I do, and in today's post shows Newbie Google +'s how to post a picture on Google+.

Of the 1,000 pro-level photographers on Google+, Scoble follows more than half.


Gina Trapani: Coder extraordinaire. Does This Week in Google on the TWIT (Leo Laporte) Network.


That's a good Taste for Starters.

Wingman Talking.


Snap of Facebook F8 Developers Conference
9-22-2011 SF at 10:00 am.

The Open Registration to F8 is Sold Out.
Follow Leo's Coverage at Click the
Watch Live Button a bit before 10:00 on Thursday.



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