Friday, August 05, 2011

MC2 Post 1100 The Real Bad Boys of TV - Programmers - Dipping into AMCs Golden Program Bag

I just started seeing older Critically-Acclaimed TV series on Netflix. Wanting to see what all the Buzz was about

I was previously impressed with AMC's Rubicon and The Walking Dead but I never saw the original showing of Breaking Bad or Mad Men.  So with Network Television taking a hiatus from even trying to put out quality, I flipped on the Netflix and started watching some old series.

Mad Men grabbed me right away.  This was not fluff. 
This was real story-telling.

Well I guess not all the programmers have been 
sleeping during the "reality-snores" or the 
"Attack of Amatuer Hour" singers and Vegas acts.  
Saying: "What's punky little AMC getting all those HBO-quality awards for?".
Good Question.

I Give them credit for "Taking a Shot".


In Fact, Two of Them.



But I'm afraid they forgot about the story-telling part.



Longing for a Time When Bad was Good


This fall's 'Playboy Club' and 'Pan Am' mirror the naughty 
'60s behavior of AMC's 'Mad Men.'





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