Friday, July 08, 2011

MC2 Post 1073 Not Content with Pinch and Swipe, Apple Adding Flick and Pour Gestures

Apple investigating flick, pour to send 'physics metaphor' gestures for iOS.

We all saw "Flick" in Avatar where a file was transfered from a big screen and tossed (flicked) to a hand held device someone walking by was holding.  

Of course that was Hollywood Magic.  This is the Real Deal.



Although, iOS 5's tight integration with the iCloud service could make progress when it arrives this fall. Apple plans to provide iCloud storage APIs that will allow applications to sync documents across devices.

Particular embodiments of the invention include physical metaphors such as pouring objects from one container to another, flicking files onto another device and sand flowing through an hour glass. 

Audible feedback, such as "the sound of liquid pouring, a tablet fizzing, gas through a valve, a sci-fi teleporter, or other sound that audibly represent the transfer of a material from one point to another" could enhance the metaphor.

The gestures in question could be configured to activate wireless communication protocols, including BlueTooth and Radio Frequency Identification, that would enable devices to interact.



In Just 4 Months....

Verizon iPhone 4 accounts for 32% of all 
US iPhone 4 traffic



The iPhone SLR Mount

Yes, it's really real.


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