Thursday, July 07, 2011

MC Post 1072 Awesome Is Just A One-Button Skype in a JAR


Jar Link:

But Before You Push That Button
Read the Following, Please:

From the Wingman's Perspective:

The Real Price of the New Facebook Goodies.

First, the Numbers:  750 million users.

Not all of them have WebCams now but in the next few weeks that number will triple or even quadruple.

A Plus for WebCam Mfgs.

When these new adopters of awesome push that One-Button install of Skype (soon to be a Microsoft Company) they will install a loader program first, called JAR.  

Java (which includes JAR) is now an Oracle Company, 
having been bought from SUN (Microsystems).

Security wise Java is next to Adobe in terms of being a favorite hackable of the "Bad Guys".

This creates 750 million "fresh" opportunities.

Do I think This Is Very Daunting ??? 


And then, I heard about a patent that Microsoft got an OK on, earlier in the week.

(Heard about at Security Now! Podcast).

Hosts: Steve Gibson with Leo Laporte

Dropbox TOS update, Microsoft's Skype intercept patent
evaluating LulzSec, your questions, and more.

From The Dubai Side of Town:

Uncertainty over Facebook's Skype

From The Google Side of Town:
This Facebook-Skype Deal Stinks and it Smells Like Redmond




HOW TO: Launch Facebook Skype Video Chat




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