Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MC2 Post 1018 Microsoft buys Skype service for $8.5 billion. The Simple and The Insane

Did MS Really have to Drop 8.5 large for Skype to Draw Attention from Goggle I/O or 
the Apple i-Everything?

The Simple and The Insane

All Apple Had to do Was Show "The Lines"  
Waiting for the iPad 2 in CHINA !!!

An example of How Much The Rules of the Game has Changed because of Apple's Dominance.

And it seems Clear that MS was taking No Chances in letting Skype get Picked Up by either Google or Facebook.

Hence the 8.5 Billion for Skype

With the MS - Nokia Deal looking like another dead horse stuck at the starting line.  And the new MS friendliness with the New-Next-Now "struggling Blackberry".  It seems like another hedging of MS Bets with Windows 7 Phones checking into  a field that Apple has lapped several times against poor competition.  You can't just join forces with the losing competition.  

What's was the definition of "madness" George?

The New Rules Are Really Simple:

To Compete:  You Have to Be Competitive.

You Can't Just-Show-Up at the Starting Line.

As for the Ballmer-Skype "hand-shaking" picture, it still looks like a Post Civil War "carpet-bagger" trying to make a "deal". 

To MS, "the Art of the Deal" is just another side dish of hash.

But Don't Get Fooled!


"Image" is Why Apple Is Winning

You Can't Leave That Out of the Equation Either. 
No matter How Many Smart "bean counters" You Have.


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