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MC2 Post 937 Today's Media News: Super Sunday

The Good The Bad The Ugly

The Best Part of SB Super Sunday
(SB is Super Bowl)

MC2 Blog Today's Commentary:  The Best Part of Super Sunday was (at Last!), the Game (the Good).  A very goodly contested battle between two teams that showed the strain of a long tough season. 

In the End, Green Bay, the Home of the Lombardy Trophy, Won. 

But it could easily have gone the other way.

The SB Commercials played a discordant secomd fiddle this year and well it should: Most of them were terrible (the bad), and quite a few were rejected from SB Showing (the ugly).

Unfortunately those are also posted online for the world to see how really bad and ugly they really were.  Go Figure.

Christina Flubbed her singing of the National Anthem. But you just knew Vegas would have a "line" on the proceedings.  You know: Over, Under and Push. 

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NFL Lines From Super Bowl XLV - Super Bowl 45 Line Cowboys Stadium, North Arlington, Texas, 2/6/11

Date & Time     Favorite     Line     Underdog     Total
2/6 6:25 ET     Green Bay     -2.5     Pittsburgh     45

* Note - Most Las Vegas sportsbooks had Green Bay -2.5.
Most offshore sportsbooks had Green Bay -3.

On a side note, in the back pages, it seems AOL just picked 

up the Huffington Post.


AOL+HuffPo! Why It is Not Really a Good Deal



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