Thursday, February 03, 2011

MC2 Post 933 When Push Comes To Shove in Canada the PM Steps Up.

Canada PM: Tweet Snap:

Header: Canada Will Overturn 'unlimited' Internet Decision, if CRTC Doesn't


One website titled "Stop the Meter" asked for users to sign a petition, which gathered over 357,000 signatures to stop the bill. The CRTC said that it has received thousands of complaints about the decision, a strong sign of displeasure among Canadians.

This news will be well received by Canadians, where many started to worry about the Internet cap usage shrinking from as much as 200GB down to a mere 25GB per month.

Stop The Meter WEB Site


Ground Hog PIX:

Will Newspapers Have 6 More Months of Winter?

The Daily SNAP:

News Corp's Daily Hopes to Stem The Tide of Newspapers 

Demise with Internet Only Paper called: 

The Daily.

The Daily or Flipboard



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