Monday, December 13, 2010

MC2 Post 869 It Appears, All That Glitters Is Not GOLD

It Could Be Chrome

Toaster and Acer Chrome Notebook:


Google Cr-48 Chrome Hardware Pilot Program: 
'Not for the Faint of Heart'


Who Really Needs a Chrome OS Laptop?

Crap 188 Freakin' Characters !!!

From my Google Docs 
started on my iPod Touch:
Is Chrome OS Google's Mythical Cloud Machine
or Just Another "Heaven's Gate" ?

Spent most of Sunday Morning watching the Google Chrome Event they had on Dec. 7th and came away thinking It was the Greatest thing since sliced cheese.

Turning to Velveeta

Later that day, as I listened to Leo and the gang on TWiT's "live" Pod on my iPod Touch, I came away with a different opinion on the Real World Chances of this Chrome OS thing really flying.

Something That Does Seem to have a Chance of Taking-Off is

The fresh new "thing" called Groupon seems more likely to bust through in their niche of AD + community discounts and is really shaking up the Internet ADs Business.

Not unlike what Facebook is also trying to do with their 1/2 billion entrenched minions.

(insert of a Mr. Despicable's minion character here)

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