Friday, December 10, 2010

MC2 Post 867 A Very Big Lump Of Coal In My Stocking

Is Facebook Just a Bunch of Followers 
Looking For A Leader?

Do I Really Need To Know What Kind of Meat Lady Gaga Is Wearing?  


What Ashton, Who Takes Great Pictures (With a Canon), 
Is Doing?

Isn't Life Too Short to Go Down That Rabbit Hole?

Some Presumptive Games Won't Let Me Play Unless I Log Into Facebook First.

If That's The "Price of Admission" I'm Out.

Facebook Places’ Facebook Problem and Why I’m 
Not Deleting Foursquare


I've Been There, and Done That!

We Pretty much Realise that Apple's "Tech Goodies" Are A Walled Garden and that appears to be what Facebook Wants to become with it's Single-Signon 
+ Credit Card (yes, it's coming) Tie-In.


Someone at 
said it Best.

Why I won't buy an iPad 


Filter My Data?  If  "That" Is The Bottom-Line, and I Say 
"No Thank You!".

The Real Intent of the Internet Was To Be Whatever 
We Want It To Be. 
Not What One Government or 
Even ONE Company "Thinks" It Should Be.

"As The Worm Turns...."




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