Sunday, September 26, 2010

MC2 Post 799: Why Hackers, Are Alive and Doing Well


Simple Answer:  iPhone.


Hacking Headlines


The iPhone Jailbreak: A Win Against 
Copyright Creep



iPad PIX:
Apple Patents Reveal Next Gen iPad Could Come With Dual Dock Connectors, Front-Facing Camera, Smart Bezel & More

O'Reilly Has A Book For It
iPhone Hacks PIX:
iPhone Hacks  (ebook 27.99)


With iPhone Hacks, you can make your iPhone do all you'd expect of a mobile smartphone -- and more. Learn tips and techniques to unleash little-known features, find and create innovative applications for both the iPhone and iPod touch, and unshackle these devices to run everything from network utilities to video game emulators. iPhone Hacks is exactly what you need to make the most of your mobile phone.


Jailbreakme website Changes Everything:

Jailbreaking PS3's with iPhone Jailbreaking Tools?

We previously posted an entire guide on how to Jailbreak the PlayStation 3 with an Android Phone and also that iPhone Dev-Team member MuscleNerd confirmed that the hack would soon be coming to iPhones. Well guess what, it’s here folks! The PSGroove / PSFreedom has been ported over to jailbroken iPhones but the interesting thing is that it is not by the same team which MuscleNerd talked about. It’s actually by a hacker who goes by the name of NTAuthority! and he has used OpeniBoot method which was previously used to port Android on iPhone 2G, 3G and iPod touch.

BREAKING: PlayStation 3 has been Jailbroken Using 
Apple iPhone and iPod touch [Video]


Most Recent is Hacking the PS3 with 
PS Controller or TI Calculator.



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