Thursday, September 16, 2010

MC2 Post 788 While The Networks Were Sleeping in "Reality TV"

The Year AMC Stole Their Lunch 
and Chocolate

This Isn't Funny Anymore.

The Big Shot Networks decided to played it safe.  
Let's Up Chuck another Reality Show, 
the audiences won't realize its just regurgitated Crap.

But wait, the Emmys said the 

Top Drama Show For The Third Straight Year  

Was ... 

 Mad Men on AMC.....

AM Who???

Mad Men

Breaking Bad



This IS Serious Stuff.

What's it Doing on Regular TV? 




It would appear, quite a lot.

and Not Quite As Serious, But.....
Watch Out!

The Walking Dead

 For Curiosity sake where This Last One Is Coming From:
The Comics and
AMCTV was Huge at ComicCon
The Pilot Airs on Halloween.
Creator of  "The Walking Dead" Comic:

Kirkmania Webpage:

Wake Up Networks, This is Not Your Old Guys TV any more.  HBO rubbed your nose in it for years.  Then came regular cable shows like USA Network with Audience and Award winning shows 
 like Monk and Burn Notice.  

Then Showtime jumped in and joined the Fun 
with the Unique and Edgy 
the show that splattered network tv 
to the drain holes.
It too became an award winner. 
Now It's AMC TV showing the Big Networks 
that well written, 
well acted and 
HBO style directed shows 
can outperform the me-too-"reality"
and Lazy-Fare "Dramas" every time.

And Apple and Google TV 

are waiting in the wings, ready 

to give the Networks 

what iTunes did for the Music Business.

A Better Choice.


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