Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MC2 Post 627: But Wait, It Doesn't Do Adobe FLASH ???

iPAD Doesn't/Won't Do Adobe FLASH???

Secret Weapon: HTML5:

Brightcove eyes iPad's Flash void with HTML5


Get Started with the Brightcove iPhone Software 

Development Kit


How many Apps Can An iPod Touch 2G Hold?


 Right Now, 185 !!!


Wingman covers Small Tech, and Big Science:

LATimes Tuesday 3:58 PDT

Large Hadron Collider smashes protons, record
The $10-billion structure at Geneva collides particles 
at three times previous energy levels. 
It hopes to find smaller particles and 
make other physics discoveries.


Things That Really Scare Me. Wingman.


Some Hackers Still Doing BAD Things Dept:

From Rootsecure.net

A Trojan was recently discovered in the software for Energizer's USB battery charger. Following its release, I wrote an Nmap probe to detect the Trojan and HDMoore wrote a Metasploit module to exploit it.

by Skull Security

Last 10 most recently posted security news items

Skull Security: Taking apart the Energizer trojan
Posted: 30/03/10 08:09:16 #

ha.ckers: Safari Integer Overflow Aids Inter Protocol Exploitation
Posted: 30/03/10 08:07:50 #

Light Blue Touchpaper: How to get money back from a bank
Posted: 30/03/10 08:05:58 #

Shmoocon: 2010 Videos
Posted: 29/03/10 21:39:10 #

H Security: Avira Antivir 10 - No behaviour-based detection in 64-bit Windows
Posted: 29/03/10 19:08:19 #

Computer World: Microsoft defends Windows 7 security after Pwn2Own hacks
Posted: 29/03/10 18:34:14 #

Browser Forensics: Open-source Course [pdf]
Posted: 29/03/10 16:03:00 #

Risks Digest: Warnings about Wifi-enabled air travel
Posted: 29/03/10 12:35:23 #

Risks Digest: Netflix Data Deanonymized
Posted: 29/03/10 12:35:16 #

Times Online: GCHQ - Spooks in socks and sandals "Forget the glamour of 007. We get inside GCHQ and find it is geeks

with mathematical minds and a bad dress sense who keep us safe"
Posted: 29/03/10 11:48:15 #


This is Pretty Much What IS Happening Out-In-The-Wild

Please Be Careful Out There...

The Wingman.
6:03 AM 3/30/2010


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