Sunday, March 28, 2010

MC2 Post 625: Impact of New Media and iPAD

The New Leveraging of iPAD in a 
Multimedia Shifting Web

by Wingman

Next Week, a new phase of Media dissemination begins.  Let's call it, for lack of a Better Word: iPAD.

The fact that Apple is a First Incantation of this New Media Platform, does not take away the baby steps of Sony's eBook Reader or Amazon's Kindle.

But as the Wired Article in the April Issue Boldly Stated: 

This Changes Everything

The challenge comes from Google's Chrome, best chance and Window's Surface, dragging behind.

Of Course, many dismiss the iPAD as being merely an oversized iPod Touch.  But never under estimate the deep think of Apple, positioning itself as a new paradigm and UI shift category. 

This is not a Kindle killer per se but a Netbook Killer, that can do besides books, newspapers, magazines, videos and maybe even Comics.  

And Not Need an old school keyboard or mouse.  If you look at any New Smart Phone: Touch is in.

Feeding this new transitional phase is the changing Web pages from the merely static to Media Hungry Multimedia delivery sites.  Flashing text or simple animation created with Javascript is no longer the norm.
You Tube changed that.  Web pages are now Full of Videos and Live content.

Rebroadcasting TV shows is/was just the beginning, as the following set of graphics show.


Graphic Novels Meet Top TV Shows

Heroes Graphic Novel Built a Fan Base.

Fringe Showed up at ComicCon

TV Graphic Novels Sell on Amazon

Fox's Human Target Came from the
Comics Arena.

Matrix Opened the Door to and for

Star Wars the Clone Wars
Shows A Quality Franchised
Toon can be made.

USA's Dexter Shows Its Hit Show
Works as a Graphic Prequel Too!


Wingman, Seeing the Big Picture.

The New Look MC2

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