Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Story of Thirds.

A Story of Thirds

I Watched the third episodes of a number of shows this weekend.

The Third
Medium. The Third Flash Forward. The Third Star Gate Universe, and the Third Heroes.

Yeah that's
4 Thirds...

And Yes, I plan to see the animated feature

I Did my Third New S
ystem Backup this weekend...

It Took Four DVD's.

4 Thirds:

The Dodgers threw in a A National League Division Series sweep, accomplished on the strength of dominant starting pitching, no less, outfitted the Dodgers' long-range October prospects with some exclamation points.


TinyURL Link:

They Won 3 Straight Games to advance,

after the turmoil of getting there.


My Anniversary was this weekend too.


You guessed it: 43


Chewing on Numbers because of the Book: The Wisdom of Crowds that has taken my fancy lately.

I've always held to the belief that random numbers are Really not that

Chaos, deep inside, has a Pattern.

How else can you explain Fractals,

pictured below.

Fractal Image

The Search for this picture lead me to this interesting Blog that just happened to be talking about them (fractals) and a documentary about them with Arthur C Clarke.

Maybe you haven't heard the story of the Ham operator living in an apartment building and hanging a way-too-big antenna outside his apartment window.

The landlord complained and told him to take it down. Which he did.

But by chance
this individual was also a college student and happened to attend a lecture about Fractals that gave him an Idea.

What if he made a smalle
r antenna shaped like the repeating pattern found in a fractal.

The smaller, less noticeable antenna worked better than the big one.

Fast forward to the antenna problems of early Cell Phones, where they picked up too many confusing signals.

They needed a different antenna for each signal.

A Cell phone that looked like a porcupine was
not going to become The Next Big Thing.

Change the regular shaped antenna to a minuturized fractal shaped
one and the problem went away.

Again, looking for a good Fractal Picture lead me to this wonderful site on Fractals:

Fractal Tree PIX.


Wingman, the Wonder is In the Details...


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