Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MC2 Blog: McDonald's Gets Iced

McDonald Closes it's three outlets in Iceland

due to the Economy troubles in

the country.

To Survive McDonald's would have to charge the most

for a Big Mac than anywhere else in the World.

From the Belfast Telegraph:

Costs had doubled over the past year because of the fall in the krona and

high import tariffs on imported goods, Mr Ogmundsson said,

making it
impossible for the company to raise prices further and

remain competitive
with rivals using locally-sourced produce.

A Big Mac in Reykjavik already costs £3.25. But the 20% increase

to make a decent profit would have pushed that

to £3.90,

making the
Icelandic version of the burger

the most expensive in the world,

Ogmundsson said.

That title is currently held jointly by Switzerland and Norway where it

£3.53, according to

The Economist magazine's 2009 Big Mac index.

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Wingman, Eating Out...

Clipper's can't get a break (Pun Not Intended).

Top Draft Pick for the Clips has a Broken Knee Cap.

Meanwhile, Lakers Get Their Championship Rings

Before Tonight's Game with The Clippers

At Staples Center at 7:30 p.m.


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