Friday, June 12, 2009

The Start of The DIGITAL AGE

Got Your Digital TV Converter?

Well You better, because Today is the Day Analog signals to rabbit-ears are turned off and you will only get over-the-air TV with a Digital Tv Converter Box.

Where do you get a DTV Box?


CNET DTV boxes Reviewed:


BEST BUY Choices:


URL CRUD at 269 characters...

The TinyUrl version at 25:

Does the First URL make any-kind-of-sense in ANY


No, it doesn't.



abctv switch day help:



Wingman, already DIGITAL (You knew That, Huh)

Also, don't forget to
rescan your channels Tomorrow, because some channels are changing numbers.

Also: Most Stations change at 12:00 midnite, but some like
Channel 7 change at 12:00 Noon.


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