Friday, June 05, 2009

FriendFeeding My Friends, and Other Social Distractions

Staying Connected,

the Best way to Reconfigure

New Media the Right Way.

Not a sermon, just an observation about the Tools that at times get in the way of the Message.

We must be up to a Billion Bloggers/Twitterers by now,  and the content is getting, in a word: Redundant.

All Sound and Fury, signifying Nothing.. Or at least, nothing much.

When a Cat has over 500,000 followers (more than Larry King mind you), and another Cat named Ashton Kutcher has passed 2,000,000 (More than Larry King mind you), that is a Lot of Traffic (white digital noise) that not really necessary.  

And meanwhile, Real newspapers are dying right and left.  

Don't get me wrong.  Getting rid of the Right ones is not a bad idea.  Wasn't that the message of the Election?

Newt and Rush critiquing our Supreme Court Nominee is so 2000.

Wake up and smell the 1/2 cup of  non-starbuck coffee the Bush Years left us.

And Let's get the Fox out of the "Chicken" Coop we call television, with "reality shows" up the Wazoo and "News" Channels Twittering their and our time away.

We deserve Better.

It appears we have to Demand Better and tweets that "Mean" something maybe a good place to start.

The Wingman has spoken...


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