Saturday, May 02, 2009

White House on Twitter...Isn't everyone???

White House on Twitter...

Isn't everyone???


Well go figure, now that my Sis is on the "The Internet", the Obama White House joins Twitter, Facebook and Myspace...

Sarah Palin joined Twitter during the Week too!

CSMonitor had THIS to say about the Events:


Forget the Atari -- White House now on
Facebook and Twitter The White House
on Friday announced newly established
presences on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.


Well, they’ve busted through some of that bureaucracy and legitimate security concerns and announced yesterday the christening of White House 2.0.


That means they’ve established a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Early on they were able to slay the purveyors of “no” and got their YouTube site operational.

They’ve made an impressive debut on Twitter. Only tweeting 13 times thus far but amassing 61,000+ followers (slightly more than us). We’re assuming that’s a record tweet/followers ratio.

Although Sarah Palin has a pretty good ratio going as well. She debuted her Twitter feed this week and has 14,000+ followers with seven tweets thus far.


Wingman , on Twitter, AGAIN...


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