Monday, May 25, 2009

One Hundred Million Year Amber Alert

One Hundred Million Year

Amber Alert

The Story in Jurassic Park was pretty heady stuff, as is this story msnbc Technology and Science about the innards of a

One Million Year TERMITE captured in Amber.

The Incredible Story is at this Link:

Who says Good SCI-FI Movies

don't Teach Us Anything?

Wingman, The Past IS Prologue, Sebastian.

PS, it looks like the Terminator MOVIE Series has finally been Terminated by it's latest Effort.

Too bad for the Light-Years better Sarah Connor Chronicles, that was hanging it's renewal on the "success" of the Terminator Movie.

Come on James "Worm Twitcher" Cameron, you can "Right the Ship" (pun intented).


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