Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Panning Digital Cameras

Remember When Every Writer had a Script "Just Ready To Shoot."?

Well, you just have to have a Cool Pan Shot, Right?

Here's the Digital Cam for you, that does that Pan-Shot

right IN the Camera.

EnGadget Link with Video:



Yesterday's Power Grid Reflections Blog
Part 2


"Circuit City is Dead" is the way one Tech Story Ran yesterday. The End of an Era, is what I call it. I have mused in the past about the fading away of Computer Swap Meets giving way to stores like Circuit City. It seems it was only yesterday that Compusa closed too. Computer Magazines and Daily Newspapers seem to be Next on the Block.

The New Rapid NEED for Media Change is part of the Problem.

Wall Street is Seeing it too. The Old Way of Doing things Just doesn't work anymore.

The Almost Instant Speed of the Internet requires Faster response time to all problems of Delivery.

And as the Digital Article in the New York Times (read on my iPod Touch) tells us, the Russian Power Brokers of the past have become beggars in-line for Government Stimulus too.

Everything is being Turned Upside Down.

Buckle Up, We're STILL in for a Bumpy Ride....


Talk of eBooks and New eBook Reader
Devices, that can download Digital Newspapers
may just save the Newspapers...
Transports and Financials are Up
at start of Day
INDU +234.81
INDP 6777.87
7:09 am

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