Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Digital Screens of My Life...

My New iPod Touch

Old Windows XP
running iTunes

The Sony PSP
Game Console

The New HDTV Flat Panel

My Linux Desktop Running
Fedora 8

Laptop Running

Windows 7 Beta

I've been waxing "fanboy" for some time now (a couple of months), since the acquisition of an iPod Touch.

Apple has to get a firm pat on the back and an "at-a-boy" for this device, and its upscale twin, the iPhone (which is full of the same goodies:plus camera and Phone).

It is without a doubt a technological marvel, and a very high-bar to reach for wannabe competitors.

Even Obama's Fav Blackberry.

So in no real order,

here are a few pictures of my

New Digital Fortress.


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