Sunday, November 16, 2008

I've been Touched by the Hand of Apple???

iPod Touch (the real Name)

Last Saturday, I went off to Best Buy, reached deep into my pocket and pulled out my Credit Card and told the clerk to give me one of them "Touchy" things.

She brought out a box slightly bigger than a vertical deck of cards.

I said, "Is that it?"

She nodded.

She could tell I was expecting a little more for my money.

"How about a carrying case?"

I stammered, "Yeah, that might not be a bad idea."

Out the door and home to power up this baby.

After close to thirty years in computers, I felt like I felt when I bought my first Radio Shack Color Computer in the 80's.

I felt like a newbie, Exploring a Brave New Frontier.

I didn't even have a PC or Apple computer at home to charge it with. I was thinking I could do that at work on Monday, if I could wait that long.

I couldn't.

My son fired up an old Windows XP that was gathering dust in the "Computer Room".

We both had migrated after years of Windows frustration, to Linux and the Fedora Distro.

After a few hours of work with the XP workhorse of old and cleaning up enough space on the drive to import my music and video collection.

And the iTunes program.

The iPod Touch, that the clerk said had at least 25% batter power, was less than that and I plugged in the usb connector to charge this baby up.

The sucker is a bona fide technological marvel. A perfect marriage of technology and usability.

No wonder these things are flying off the shelves.

The reporters tell us 7.1 Million iPhones sold in the last quarter.

More to say, but I've got to get back to playing with my New Toy.

Wingman, a kid again.

Saturday night, I went to sleep at 3:30 in the morning...


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