Sunday, November 02, 2008

How the Old Bush Campaign Administration Destroyed CNN.


Ted Turner must be doing flip-flops.

The Network News Channel that was the Awe of every serious news agency has become Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" and "Full of Sound and Fury, signifying nothing..".

Even the Pop Rock Group: Talking Heads had something to say.

CNN was based on the idea of reporting the NEWS, and has become a political grifter and drifter, and reporting Opinions, and Questions Without Answers.

Don't we get enough of that from political campaigns?

Newspapers are dying on the Vine right and left and the advertisers are Flocking to Cable on its road to the Internet.

What CNN got wrong, is the Idea that More is Better than Good.

What used to be a Great News Organization has become an institution that will throw anything against the Wall to see what sticks.

Remember when Ed Asner asked Ted on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, "You want to be a Quiz Master???" "A Quiz master??"

Obviously the Heads at CNN never saw that Show.

Even Johnny Carson, the comedian, on the Tonight Show, did Better Interviews, because he "listened to the answers".

Nobody listens on CNN anymore. They just Talk.

It's also one of Few "News" providers that show re-runs.

"News" Reruns, now that makes no sense.

Maybe they should look up the word: NEWS?

That was what the second "N" stood for, wasn't it?

Maybe not...

Wingman voting, in spite of CNN.

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