Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sony's New PSP-3000


Sony's New PSP-3000 Features Reviewed at Engadget

Wingman says:
Engadget yaps about the features in the New PSP-3000 fron Sony. It's not like Sony could really keep this thing under wraps for much longer, but the company finally did the deed by announcing the PSP-3000 at the Leipzig Games Convention. The unit itself will look exactly like the PSP-2000, though it will feature an "improved screen that's better outside with no glare and a built-in mic." The juicy tidbits have yet to surface, but we are told to expect the new handheld in Europe for €199 ($291) on October 15th.


This Week's Windup is mainly Engadget playing with recently released stuff,
which, BTW, is the reason there's a Link on the right column as a favorite site.

T-Mobile GI (the Google Phone, come on EG, fess-up) Review at engadget:
Engadget's Blackberry Storm 9500 hands-on

Engadget's RSS PODCAST - 115 - 10.24.2008 Page


John Hodgman will be on the TWiT's Nov.2 Podcast. (He's the "I'm a PC" guy on the Mac-PC ADs.)


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