Friday, September 12, 2008

iPhone Snapper

You know when you press HOME on your iPhone it does something esthetically clever by squishing your screen to nothing and taking you to the Home page.

Well a hacker found out that to do that the iPhone takes a snapshot of what is on display and then does the squishing on the snapshot.

But where oh where does that snapshot go you ask? To some locked folder you can't see or open. Nice.

Then what?

Well, if the snapshot of your screen (which can contain text messages or email or maybe a website you're on) is no longer needed it's deleted....Or is it?

The Hacker that found the folder with snapshots also found the password to open it and those snaps have been used to capture baddies.

As anyone who has been in computing long enough knows, Delete does Not always Delete.

Apple has not responded to this possible flaw.


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