Saturday, September 13, 2008

CNN: All the "news" that's Fit to Print... Or is it?

Saturday Night CNN,
the Yuks just keep on coming...

A few days ago I came across a headline in Daily Rotation about Vice-President nominee Sarah Palin.

It "raved" about Sarah's Tech Saviness because she was "Blogging", "Twittering", posting stuff on You Tube and even "Rapping". It appeared the Super Woman from Alaska was multifaceted, and multitalented.


She was out TECH-ing Obama.

Then I followed the link and found out these activities were being posted by "Fake Posters" not affilliated with Palin at all. Some were comedians trying to make a name for themselves by using Palin's new found "Media" popularity.

To make matters worse, these bogus banters were being pointed to by Media Big Boys like CNN and other supposed "News" agents.

The question is "Why?"

A lot of people feel that the network news has become a not too subtle form of entertainment.

Now it appears it wants to be Saturday Night Live.

Look out John Stewart and Colbert Report, the "news" is moving into your turf and this trend is "Not Funny".

And it definitely does NOT help viewers see the "Real", and not too entertaining Issues.

Many have bemoaned the demise of the Newspaper as a source of Real Reporters reporting the News, and the Internet as a replacement with grassroots open dialog. But the belief that group wisdom is sacrosanct is placing too much of a point on something that is really pretty dull.

That's my 2 dimes worth, what's yours?


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