Saturday, October 28, 2006

Starbuck's, Ipods and Marketing

Do we really need a shopping channel that is really a 24/7 commercial?

Do we really need a coffee that doesn't "taste" like coffee?

Do we really need a portable music player that holds our favorite "15,000" songs?

What has happened to our collective sense of judgment?

The answer is really pretty simple: Marketing.

We've been sold a "bill of goods". And the Marketing Prophets have said:

"Follow Me, and we can go to the Promises Land, sipping a frappachino and singing to Rap/Hip-Hop/Pop Trash."

Welcome to Huckster Nation, the New America. If we stop and think about it, we win.

Don't BUY the Hype. This is a Full-SPIN cycle zone.

Sizzle instead of steak.

Okay, the coffee in the Next Booth DOES smell better. So what?

Is it worth the BIG $5.00 with a dollop of "internet access", with a surcharge, of course.

Home computers sell for under $500 dollars. Do we really need a $500 dollar plus "music player", or a $400 dollar plus, "super-razor thin" Cell phone?

"Well yeah, " the super-kool Apple guy talking to pretty uncool Windows man, "how else would you carry your FAV 5,000 songs (at 99 cents a pop)?"

How else indeed?

Wake up. Smell the coffee.

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