Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's A Game of Numbers

The World Series just ended this last weekend. The team with the lowest number of wins in the regular season, Won IT All. Baseball, they say is a game of Numbers. Lately, my digital centric world has been telling me the same thing. So let me throw a few Numbers at you.

Many, many years ago, Bill Gates tried to sell us on an idea that seemed blatantly unrealistic at the time.

A (meaning 1), computer in every home.

He was wrong, and by the way, he's retiring soon.

I won't mention Vista.

But you can't keep missing the ball and keep playing.

Seems, nowadays, most homes have two and more computers. There are a least 10 in my house, 5 being used most of the time. And only 3 with Windows. The rest are Linux boxes, mainly FC (Fedora Core).

I am teasing Bill, after all the Cell-phone pundits made the same mistake in the 1990's. They said it would take 10 years for cell phone to reach x-million units. It happened in 3 years.

However, the restrictive licensing agreements that Bill began ranting about in the early computer clubs, is still in force, should suggest making his headstone read: EULA, Rest In Peace.

Germany and Finland aren't buying it. Britain and the US Should Be Next.

I have an Idea.

Why don't we have the OS (say Knoppix Linux), online. The Network IS the computer, with no licensing restrictions on copies and use.

Think about it.

Google, are you listening?

The Game isn't Over.

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