Thursday, March 27, 2014

MC2 Post 1828 Citigroup Fails Federal Reserve’s Stress Test for 2nd Time in 3 Years


New York, New York.

Wingman:  New York is Still the Place.   You make it Here, 

You Can Make It  


They just got Phil Jackson didn't they?  

A not a minute too soon.

Did you see what the bottom of  the low end Lakers Did to Phil Jackson's New Team?


Phil Jackson Rips New York Knicks' 

'Awful' Showing vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Losing is a foreign concept in Phil Jackson's world of Zen, so when the New York Knicks president watches his team suffer a shellacking, he's going to be harsh.

On Tuesday night, he was harsh.



And Why the New York Times (and LATimes, if you know where to look.),
is infinitly more important than Newsweek or Time magazine's
fluff pieces and fuzzy stories.


Mike Mayo says Get Rid of CITI CFO, in baseball, three strikes and you're out.

Who's Watching the Watchers?


Citi Fails Fed Stress Test ..... (again.)

The Federal Reserve dealt an embarrassing blow to Citigroup on Wednesday, attacking the bank’s financial projections for its sprawling operations and denying the bank’s plan to increase dividends and repurchase stock.

In a report, the Fed rejected Citigroup’s plans to manage its capital, citing concerns about the “overall reliability of Citigroup’s capital planning process.” It was the only one of the nation’s top five banks that failed to persuade the Fed to bless its plans for shareholder payouts.


The Fed did not give many details behind its rejection, which was the second denial of Citigroup’s capital plan in the past three years. But analysts and investors said the message 
from the regulator was clear.


The Best TV  CBS Sunday Morning. 

A tour of Tokyo's largest fish market

March 23, 2014, 10:52 AM|Tokyo's largest fish market, Tsukiji, is packed with every type of seafood imaginable, from brightly-colored octopus and shrimp to tiny sardines. 
It's a top destination for Tokyo's sushi chefs - and tourists. 
Seth Doane pays a visit.



MS New Conference announcing MS Office 

for iPad.  

See Paul Thurotts' page for  review points.

Microsoft Office for iPad Review

Hands-on with a tremendous new set of mobile apps

Mar 27, 2014 Paul Thurrott







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