Monday, July 15, 2013

MC2 Post 1648 Microsoft Cuts Surface RT to $349 and $499

Is the Surface sinking or is it doing great? That's been the back-and-forth commentary among pundits and industry-watchers over the past few months, with some suggesting that Microsoft's estimated 1.5 million total Surface sales (as of March) were fairly underwhelming and others considering Microsoft's 400K Surface Pro sales (across the same time period) as a good, if not "respectable" number for the fledgling tablet.




The First 5 Minutes of  Yesterday's  TWIT will make scare the 

 Bejeebers out of You.

And I'm not talking about
Leo's Over-the-Top Steam Punk Outfit  

in "honor" of finally getting his (2 years late)  SteamPunked Laptop.

No, It's the crazy-sneeky things you can have Downloaded to your PC when you download good software 

AND the Nasty Nasty   addons you Get With It.

Beware of,  one of   Many many sites 

doing the same Bad 

(but not illegal-technically) thing.

Wingman:  "It Should Be Illegal to pull this kind of Crap!
But it also means:   Walled Gardens
which I personally find distasteful, 
may have a redeeming place in this

polluted New Environment we call the Web."





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